Exclusive Services
Please find below detailed information about whats included in all Mente Argentina Programs!

Information before leaving home

We are committed to helping you feel fully prepared for your Mente Argentina program.

Our staff’s main task is to provide any assistance, information or recommendations you may need even before your journey with us begins. One-on-one advising is provided by Mente Argentina Advisors and Program Coordinators and who have lived and studied abroad themselves. Our Program Advisors are trained to help you to design a program that suits your specific needs, addressing any questions that may arise before the program begins. Please don't hesitate to consult us about program options, weather, cost of living, what to bring, etc.

Make sure to check Mente Argentina Frequently Asked Questions.

Student Advising & Subject Finder

Our friendly team of Program Advisors is always reachable by phone, chat or email to help you decide which Mente Argentina program is best for you, based on your interests, background, budget and timeframe. In special cases, we offer programs specially tailored to fit students’ needs:

  • When you contact us, you will be assigned a Program Advisor who will help you select the right program structure, accommodation, and activities that meet your specific needs.
  • Your Mente Argentina Program Advisor will guide you through the application process and the initial planning stage of your abroad experience.
  • Should you require additional assistance financing your Mente Argentina Program, Advisors are available to help you work out the financial aid process and provide additional options for financial assistance.<
  • Mente Argentina Program Advisors are ready to help you with transfer credit to your home institution and academic questions.
  • Once you arrive to Buenos Aires, our Program Coordinators will continue to advise and assist you with whatever you may need to make your stay unique and unforgettable.
Our study abroad advisors are here to help every step of the way. Remember that with Mente Argentina you can always pick up the phone and ask for your study abroad advisor by name.

Financing & Scholarhsips

Mente Argentina is here to help you with planning all aspects of your experience in Argentina, including the financial details.
Funding your Mente Argentina Program can seem challenging at times. However, there are many financing options available to our participants. If you feel that your current financial resources need to be supplemented, please explore our financial aid options to study in argentina

Learn more about our discounts, promotions, scholarships and financial aid resources to study in Argentina.

Airport Pick up & Airport Drop Off

Mente Argentina Participants will receive round-trip airport transportation.

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, a Mente Argentina Representative will be waiting at the airport holding a sign with your name on it. From there, you will be driven directly to your accommodation where you will meet your on-site Program Coordinator. Enjoy a worry-free start to your Mente Argentina Program!

Once a flight is reserved to depart Buenos Aires, we will arrange an airport drop off with sufficient time to get through airport security and customs if necessary. If a participant wishes to extend their stay or travel after finishing their Mente Argentina program, we still offer and arrange all airport transportation for their flight out of Buenos Aires. We ask for participants to inform us of their travel plans and still send the flight itinerary as well as a location for the pick-up.

Welcome to Buenos Aires & Local Orientation

Before your arrival you will be assigned a Buenos Aires based Mente Argentina Program Coordinator to address your unique questions and assist you throughout the duration of your program.

Your Program Coordinator will meet you at your accommodation to present you with your Mente Argentina Welcome Kit and welcome orientation. You will receive essentials details about your Mente Argentina program, the city of Buenos Aires, and porteño culture.

Most importantly, this personalized check in allows Program Coordinators and participants to connect right away and establish a trusting and friendly relationship that we pride ourselves on. No participant will arrive in Argentina alone, and will have a constant support network and a local contact from the very beginning.

During the check in, our Program Coordinators offer all the Buenos Aires insider advice you’ll need to get you started: from where to get laundry done, to how to use your cell phone, to maneuvering the exciting nightlife, Mente Argentina staff is there with you from day one. We’ll help you find supermarkets, take the bus or subway, secure personalized services and everything in between. Our Program Coordinators have in-depth knowledge about Buenos Aires and are here to address any concerns whatsoever.

Accommodation in the best areas of Buenos Aires

We understand that accommodation is a key element in ensuring that you enjoy your time in Buenos Aires. To this end, we work hard to maintain our exclusive network of diverse living arrangements in the most popular neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, close to parks, cafes, shopping, nightlife, and public transportation so that you can enjoy the city to the fullest extent.

Whether you choose to stay in an apartment (private or shared), a university dorm or a homestay, our program fee covers ALL expenses (including electricity, gas, water, internet access, cleaning service etc.) with no hidden or additional costs whatsoever.

Please visit our Accommodation options in Buenos Aires for further information.

Unique immersion Activities, Tours & Excursions

Our cultural activities, tours and excursions are a key aspect that sets Mente Argentina Programs apart. In order to fully discover the Argentine culture, it must be experienced in a variety of ways, whether it’s learning Argentine history, going to live music shows, learning to dance tango, or getting to know the city or escaping its constant movement for a day.

By setting up diverse and enriching activities on a regular basis, not only you will get a deeper look at a different side of Buenos Aires, but you will be able to meet other Mente Argentina participants, travelers, and locals along the way.

Please visit our Tours & Activities in Buenos Aires section for more information.

Free Cell Phone

Having a cell phone is an essential tool for staying safe and communicating with new friends. Mente Argentina provides a free local cell phone for local use that is preprogrammed with the contact information of the Mente Argentina program coordinators, emergency information, and radio taxi numbers.

The cell phone is a pay-as-you-go phone. Each participant is responsible for buying phone credit for themselves, though we do provide a free first phone card at check-in. Additional Credit can be purchased easily all over the city, and Program Coordinators will explain how to add credit to the phone during orientation.

We ask for a USD 50 deposit which we refund upon return of the phone at the end of the program. We encourage participants to pass on their Argentine cell phone number to parents, guardians, or loved ones in case of an emergency.

Free Passes to a renowned Gym

Mente Argentina offers participants a free membership a fully-equipped gym located in Palermo, that offers new machines and a great variety of classes during the week. All Mente Argentina participants may access the gym Monday through Saturday at no extra charge! :)

Mente Argentina International Student Card

Mente Argentina offers an international student discount card which provides savings and additional benefits to Mente Argentina participants. You’ll get great savings in bars, night clubs, restaurants and a ton of other places around Buenos Aires.

Learn more about Mente Argentina International Student Discount Card.

2 Additional Nights of Accommodation for free

We give every Mente Argentina participant an extra 2 days/nights to get settled in and prepare before their program starts (arriving the Saturday before the program start date at no extra cost). After that you are more than welcome to book extra time in your accommodation keeping in mind additional fees that would depend on your chosen type of accommodation.

24x7 On-site Support

One of the many ways our participants benefit from the Mente Argentina programs is through our friendly, reliable, responsive on-site support. We bring a personal touch to everything we do, and bringing a warm and helpful attitude to our student support services is something we pride ourselves on.

Our main objective is that you have fun, visit new places, meet new people, and learn new things without having to deal with frustrating problems or complex documentation by yourself. If you have questions about booking a ticket, how to phrase something in Spanish, or fun places to go on the weekends, do not hesitate to call us at anytime! We are here to help!

Other things we’re here to help you with include:
-- Helping you to make a smooth transition into the Argentine culture
-- Being available to assist you with any difficulties or questions that may arise
-- Acting as a liaison between you and the administration of the host institution, assisting with on-site course registration and other academic issues
-- Closely monitoring your program progress
-- Organizing a wide range of social and cultural activities
-- Providing a local perspective on additional travel and immersion opportunities in Argentina
-- Taking a interest and concern for your personal well-being
-- Our on-site support is made up of three different components:

On-site Assigned Program Coordinator
Before your arrival you will be assigned an exclusive Mente Argentina Program Coordinator who lives in Buenos Aires year-round to address your unique questions and assist you throughout the duration of your program.

On-Site Mente Argentina Student Reception Office
The Mente Argentina Student Reception Office is open every business day for our participants’ use. We welcome students to stop by with any questions or concerns for our program coordinators, who are always available and happy to help.

On-Site Management Team
As a local organization, our entire Management Team is located on-site, allowing us to quickly resolve any issues or problems that can be difficult to resolve on your own.

Luggage Storage

If you plan on traveling for a few days before or after your program, and need a place to store your luggage, you are welcome to leave it at our student reception office. Please inquire for details.