Faculty & Advisors

In this section designed especially for Advisors & Faculty, you’ll find information about how to affiliate with Mente Argentina, or request program materials. It also includes information for university representatives & faculty members interested in a customized study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina to meet the specific needs of their students and institution.

Welcome to Mente Argentina

ELAP & University Programs in Argentina for College Students

University Programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The College Division of Mente Argentina provides high quality Study Abroad programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a month, summer, semester, or academic year at accessible tuition fees. These programs allow for direct immersion into a foreign academic culture, and give students the opportunity to explore educational topics in depth in a challenging university setting.

Internships and Volunteer Programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mente Argentina’s Experiential Learning Abroad Programs (MAELAP) offer professional internships and volunteer opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina to students from all over the world. These opportunities add an additional dimension to the study abroad experience through daily participation in an Argentine business and non-profit environments. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the culture, community and the Spanish language through quality interaction with local professionals.  Mente Argentina’s customized ELAP offerings place students in dynamic positions within their field of choice, creating valuable personal and professional experiences.

Mente Argentina Helpful Resources Section

Mente Argentina’s Study Abroad in Argentina: Helpful Resources is an available tool for faculty members, advisors & representatives at abroad universities as they guide their students through Mente Argentina’s Study Abroad programs. 

Both Mente Argentina’s Helpful Resources Section and Mente Argentina Guide: Study Abroad in Argentina provide in-depth information for students, faculty members and study abroad advisors about studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here you will find comprehensive information regarding everything from Mente Argentina’s local partner institutions and their accreditation to further information on placement exams, processing transcripts/grades, health & safety, and an overview of the varied cultural activities available to students.

Important contact information is also provided so that international representatives, university faculty, and advisors can get in touch with the Mente Argentina Management Team, the on-site program coordinators, and Mente Argentina US Representatives.

Mente Argentina International Affiliate Program

The Mente Argentina Affiliate Program has been designed for those international representatives, faculty, and educational institutions around the globe that would like to offer their students quality & affordable Study Abroad Programs in Argentina without any investment of time or money and with no commitment of present or future resources.

Our program aims to expand study abroad access in Argentina to a wider demographic of students by complementing your organization’s existing study abroad resources. To this end, Mente Argentina will provide a fixed grant for each student participating in a Mente Argentina Program. These funds will either be applied directly to your students’ program invoices, or paid to your institution for the administration of grants/scholarships and/or for other support services.

The fundamental goal of affiliation is to craft a working relationship that will allow Mente Argentina to better serve your institution’s students.

Some benefits of our Affiliate Program include:

  • Fixed grants for each student participating in a Mente Argentina program
  • Students are eligible for additional individual scholarships
  • No present or future financial/time investments required

If you would like to learn more about the Mente Argentina Affiliate Agreement please contact a University Relations Representative here.

Mente Argentina Partnership Program

Faculty at many colleges and universities around the globe choose to design their own study abroad programs in Argentina for their students in partnership with Mente Argentina. Mente Argentina has developed its Partnership Program in order that University-level faculty and other educational professionals may conveniently offer customized faculty-led and group integrated learning experiences that allow students to explore specific, tailor made educational content while discovering a new culture and city.

Custom faculty-lead study abroad programs should be multi-faceted experiences that not only deepen students’ understanding of their globally-oriented curriculum, but combine group activities, organized excursions, and cultural encounters in a way that makes learning in a foreign context a comprehensive and life changing experience. While integrating into a dynamic international setting, students should do more than simply study the course topic. Whether they’re sharing conversation over a traditional mate with their Argentine host family or taking in the beauty of tango at a local performance, the fusion of their academics and these supplemental activities are what make our specialized programs so unforgettable and unique.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support your custom-study abroad program please contact a University Relations Representative here.

Mente Argentina Program Site Visits

Mente Argentina offers program site visits to Buenos Aires, Argentina in order to introduce study abroad advisors, faculty, and university personnel to our Buenos Aires programs and give them a first-hand experience of what studying in Argentina is like for their students.

These low-cost program visits provide in depth knowledge about the Buenos Aires general Facilities, local Universities, our staff and services available through Mente Argentina.

Mente Argentina Program Site Visits provide the opportunity to:

    • Evaluate Mente Argentina’s network of academic institutions
    • Visit university and classroom facilities and observe class sessions
    • Develop ideas about future creative programming options
    • Visit our different accommodation options in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Meet and speak with current Mente Argentina students
    • Explore Buenos Aires by participating in Mente Argentina Cultural Activities & Excursions
    • Meet the on-site bilingual staff that supports our programs and your students
    • Visit the Mente Argentina Student Reception Office
    • Establish direct connections with academic faculty from Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Share institutional practices and priorities with colleagues both from Buenos Aires and abroad
    • Travel alongside a select group of peers from abroad universities

Nomination Process & Reservations

Preference will be given to faculty and staff from Mente Argentina’s Academic Affiliate institutions. We welcome participant nominations from department directors, supervisors, and other senior faculty or administrators. 

Please contact us to obtain the Mente Argentina Nomination Form